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We are honored that you have chosen our practice to assist you with you or your family’s needs. Our expert therapists work as a collaborative team in order to provide an extensive range of knowledge and expertise to each client. Our goal is for you to leave each session feeling a sense of control and relief. Our team is highly trained and experienced with each therapist receiving the most recent and newly researched evidenced based treatments. While our staff loves working with our clients, we also love to experience the progress that we see our clients make. Therapy provides a wonderful freedom with the privacy to discuss sometimes painful or difficult topics as well as experience great joy and relief that therapy can bring. We appreciate your trust in us and do not take this honor lightly.

 While your therapist will guide you through your first session, here are a few suggestions for your initial session:

Feel free to make a list of questions, issues or concerns you would like to address ahead of time.

Feel free to ask your therapist about her/his training, treatment specialties and education. It is important that you and your family connect with your therapist. We want this to be a great match.

If you are a parent seeking therapy for your child or teenager, it is perfectly acceptable for you to come in without your child first. Many times parents feel more comfortable to discuss matters with the therapist alone.

Let us know if there is anyone whom you would like us to coordinate treatment with such as a physician, psychiatrist, child’s teacher. We are happy to do so and in most cases we would suggest this. Please note that any communication with someone other than the client must be approved and documented with a signed Consent for Release Form. This form protects your confidentiality.

Thank you,  we look forward to seeing you !

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